Latin@ Research Group

The Latin@ Research Group was established with the following goals:

1) Increase Latin@ resident engagement in research carried out by research institutions

2) Mentor and support bilingual Latin@s to become researchers

3) Increase the amount and relevance of research being conducted with Latin@s and on Latin@ issues.


More broadly, the Latin@ Research Group aims to address racial inequity in research by advocating for increased representation of Latin@s and their families in research conducted by universities in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Additionally, the Latin@ Research Group also aims to address gender inequity in higher education by supporting local initiatives that strengthen the educational pipeline for Latin@ students to pursue health related professions.  The Latin@ Research Group also provides advisory services to the MLHC ATs on research methodology and evaluation.


The Latin@ Research Group is led by researchers and evaluators located in the Greater Milwaukee Area which include:

    Michelle Corbett- Center for Urban Population Health (Evaluator)

    Dina Garcia- Medical College of Wisconsin (Epidemiologist & Doctoral Candidate in Public & Community Health)

    Leticia Vallejo- Marquette University (Doctoral Candidate in Psychology)


    For more information please e-mail us at