Best Policies & Practices Action Team

The Best Policies and Practices Action Team (BPP) was created to start policy and systems change discussion for the advancement of Latinos’ health in Milwaukee with emphasis on evidence based action.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Access to health care
  • Finding solutions to improve cost and coordination of medical care
  • Cultural competency of Healthcare Services

Our current work, in collaboration with the Latina Research Group, is the Access to Health Care Survey.  The purpose of the project is finding out the health care needs of Latino residents in the city of Milwaukee. The survey will focus on obtaining information in the following areas: access to care, utilization of health care services, common health conditions, and perceptions of health services. The survey’s methodology is currently being developed and discussed, with potential implementation by the Spring of 2016.  The data gathered will be used to formulate a report for its dissemination to stakeholders and estate level policy makers, it is also planned to use the data to build a platform for focused plans of action.

Current members of the BPP Team are professionals from the Milwaukee area interested in improving health care for Latinos. Our current team is led by:

A. Michelle Corbett
Associate Researcher
UW School of Medicine & Public Health
Center for Urban Population Health


Caroline Gomez-Tom,
Navigator Program Manager
Covering Wisconsin
Program Manager
Milwaukee Enrollment Network


We hold monthly meetings, please check out our events Calendar for upcoming dates or email us at or to get involved and join this movement.