March 2017 Chair’s Corner

March was a busy month for the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition and we are happy to share our updates with you:

At our General Coalition Forum on March 23rd, we had over 25 people join us to learn about the effects of stigma in mental health. We had an important discussion on how current events create added stress to the Latino community. These stress levels can add layers of stigma, preventing individuals from seeking services, which contributes to mental health issues.
We also had our first College & Career Fair for Health Professions at Carmen High School on March 23rd, which was led by our Education Action Team. Students of the high school were able to meet with healthcare professionals and members from educational institutions to learn more about jobs in the healthcare industry.

April is National Minority Health Month and Alcohol Awareness Month. Below are links that host information regarding the two topics that affect our communities. Please feel free to explore the links and share the information with coworkers, clients/patients and loved ones.

Ursula Flores, MLHC Chair

Alcohol Awareness Month 2017

Minority Health Month 2017 (English)
Minority Health Month 2017 (Spanish)


March, 2017

March greetings! On behalf of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition (MLHC), and as appointed Chair for 2017, I send March greetings in hopes that each of you are well.  As we end the first quarter of spring, the MLHC Steering Committee wishes to send warm wishes and health information that specifically pertains to the health and well being of the Latino population.  Please take a moment to review each of the resources below that outline colorectal cancer, tuberculosis, and National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  The resources provide testimonials on behalf of Jimmy Smits, Spanish resources to share with the community, and statistics that are valuable to share with loved ones, or patients/clients.  We believe you will find this information helpful in any role you might have.

As a reminder, the next MLHC General Forum is scheduled for March 23rd, 2017 at 3:30 pm at the 16th Street Clinic (Parkway Location) 2906 South 20th Street Milwaukee, WI 53215.  Hope to see you there!

Check out our website for more information at:

Have a Happy Spring!

Ursula Flores, MLHC Chair