July 2017 Chair’s Corner

Hello MLHC friends and members,

It’s July and it’s time to update you on all the great stuff that has happened in the last month or so.

We hosted our summer General Coalition Meeting on issue-based organizing on June 22. Thank you to Luz Sosa from Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Keisha Krumm from Southeastern Wisconsin Common Ground who led the presentations on the work their organizations do and how our communities can come together to impact issues and policies important to us. The presentations were well received by our members. From our evaluations, one member said, “I’m feeling empowered and excited about how I can contribute my talent and time,” The MLHC Steering Committee brings topics and speakers to our members to elevate discussion on issues critical to Latino health and well-being.

The Best Practices and Policy Action Team Meeting met on June 30. We had a great discussion and identified opportunities to improve awareness and access to oral health care. We had the co-chairs from the Milwaukee County Oral Health Task Force present on their goals and work plan and discussed how the BPP team could complement their effort while focusing specifically on the Latino community. The group will meet next in August to solidify our goals and workplan for the upcoming year. Meeting details will be available soon.

Let people know about the MLHC Mental Action Team’s Hopeline. Mental Health Action team continues to recruit volunteers for Linea Esperanza (Hopeline) a texting service in Spanish in which volunteers provide emotional support through texts. Share this resource with all Spanish speakers that might benefit from texting about their stressors and preoccupations. Text “APOYO” to 839-863. If interested in volunteering please contact us via the same text line.

Stay involved and stay in touch on our Facebook page or by emailing mlhcoalition@gmail.com